Fit-N-Fun SUMMER BREAK Camps Are Right Around the Corner!

The time has come to register for Xtreme Gymnastics’ Fit-N-Fun Summer Break Camps! They promote health and wellness, and everyone has a blast. Throughout each week, children 3 to 12 years of age enjoy gymnastics, trampoline time, group challenge activities, obstacle courses, team sports, relay races, inflatables, and much more!

There are full-day and half-day camp options, along with early-bird drop-offs and stay-n-play opportunities.

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Great Reasons to Introduce Toddlers to Gymnastics

When Xtreme Gymnastics coaches say that no one is too young to enjoy gymnastics, they mean it. As a matter of fact, gymnastics greatly enriches toddlerhood as a stage of development. Think about it – these children are energetic and impressionable. What better time to introduce them to the following:

Enhanced Cognitive Skills: The mind is challenged when it must memorize routines and maintain awareness of where the body is (and will be) in space.

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Celebrate With an Xtreme Birthday Party!

When your child’s big day rolls around, why not celebrate at Xtreme Gymnastics? We have a state-of-the-art facility equipped to accommodate all sorts of fun activities, along with safety-certified instructors to run the show and do all the cleanup! Guests will enjoy two in-ground trampoline beds, an in-ground tumble track, and an open foam pit. We even have two large blow-ups for an additional fee.

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The Benefits Xtreme Gymnastics Offers

The children who visit Xtreme Gymnastics always have fun, tumbling and balancing and jumping. As they enjoy themselves, their health and well-being flourish. Here are some of the many ways their lives are enriched by gymnastics:

Body Control and Fitness: The young athletes at Xtreme Gymnastics learn about the importance of warming up their bodies, as well as the value of practice in learning their routines.

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