Xtreme Gymnastics on Cartwheels for Beginners

In the world of gymnastics, cartwheels often come soon after learning somersaults and tumbling movements. Children can effectively master the skill of cartwheeling by employing an uncomplicated approach to learning it. Here’s what our Xtreme Gymnastics coaches recommend to get started.

A cartwheel’s name reflects the movement’s appearance. When teaching this move in our Xtreme Gymnastics classes, our coaches explain that the technique commences as the child lunges forward, placing one hand on the floor, while his or her feet rise from the ground, legs splayed.

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Xtreme Gymnastics on Games for Toddlers

Your toddler is growing rapidly, and at Xtreme Gymnastics, we recognize there are countless special moments you two will share while exploring the world. As you enjoy this magical time, we’d like to recommend a playtime activity that will help your toddler develop physically and mentally.

This activity is called “Up, Up, Up” and here’s how it works.

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Xtreme Gymnastics Shares Warmup Athletic Games

All athletes need to become limber prior to participating in sporting events or even practice sessions. Due to the flexible nature of their sport’s movements, gymnasts in particular are required to engage in warmup activities that stretch muscles which are frequently used during the normal course of daily activities. Whether you’re practicing mat work at home with your child or prepping him or her for a class at the gym, our Xtreme Gymnastics coaches recommend the following group warmup games:

Follow the Leader: This game involves one student leading the group, performing a movement that the others follow across the mat.

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Xtreme Gymnastics Promotes Beam Skills in Preschoolers

Of all the entertaining gymnastics activities available to young children, our Xtreme Gymnastics coaches have discovered that anything involving the low beam is especially popular. Children feel confident on it, and it offers countless opportunities to play exciting games using props and music. What’s more, through group activities, we’re able to encourage our students to share with others and gain greater interpersonal skills.

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