The Benefits of Competitive Team Programs

Competitive team programs are among the many fun Xtreme Gymnastics activities we offer. They turn dedicated, talented, and hardworking athletes into confident and focused people. We embrace HART during every practice and competition:

  • Honor: We model integrity in all we do and say. Furthermore, the tasks athletes must master in gymnastics help them build their work ethics, exercise discipline, solve problems, and face their fears.
  • Attitude: A positive mind-set is contagious. Smiles and laughter – not to mention sights that are always set on the best possible outcomes – spread energy and excitement throughout Xtreme Gymnastics.
  • Responsibility: We are accountable for our actions. We teach athletes that they have power over their progress. This way, they learn from their mistakes and their confidence soars with every goal they achieve.
  • Teamwork: By helping each other grow, we all win. The encouragement of peers sparks motivation like nothing else. In the process, we practice social skills and gain a greater sense of compassion for each other.

Committed training through our team programs enhances flexibility, strength, coordination, and overall skill level in a challenging yet supportive atmosphere. People who train with us also increase their speed, depth perception, fine and gross motor skills, balance, rhythm, and more.

Most importantly, our sport and team programs encourage heathy and happy lifestyles. Like Xtreme Gymnastics on Facebook to find out how we’re doing on the state, regional, and national levels.