Excellence in Arizona Gymnastics at a Young Age

Need a night off? Xtreme Gymnastics provides a variety of programs for different interests and age groups. Team gymnastics and gymnastics camps are popular programs, but today we’d like to discuss in detail our preschool program, which we call Move-N-Learn.


There’s a large (and continually growing) body of evidence supporting connections between early childhood motor skill development and academic success. Our Xtreme Gymnastics Move-N-Learn program is uniquely designed to take full advantage of this link by combining movement with scholastics. Geometry is an easy topic to integrate, but we also work on reading and writing skills, along with art and science. It’s our goal to lay a foundation of knowledge in our kids that will help them achieve success in any challenge they choose to tackle later in life.


Move-N-Learn follows the Scottsdale Unified School District Academic Calendar and runs from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Monday through Friday. Tuition for this program is as follows:


  • Two days a week: $177 per month
  • Three days a week: $237 per month
  • Five days a week: $293 per month


Additional packages are available for children who need to stay a little later than the normally scheduled class time. Please visit our website at to see our full pricing guide.


On our website, you can learn more about the ways in which we’re growing the Scottsdale gymnastics community, and discover how to sign up today. To see us in action, like Xtreme Gymnastics on Facebook.