Five Ways Gymnastics Improves Health

Elite gymnasts are agile and strong. They are balanced and graceful. They excel in high-level competition like national championships and the Olympic games. These aren’t the only people who can benefit from the sport, however. Children of all ages can, too! Here are some things any student can gain from joining Xtreme Gymnastics programs:


  • Disease Prevention: In addition to meeting regular exercise needs, the physical fitness gymnastics provides helps protect against conditions like heart disease, asthma, diabetes, and cancer.


  • Strong Bones: Gymnastics is a weight-bearing sport. It strengthens bones and lessens the risk of osteoporosis. The earlier this strength is developed, the better, because bone mass declines with age.


  • Flexibility: The more flexible a person is, the less likely he or she is to become injured due to forcing limbs in problematic range of motion. Xtreme Gymnastics students learn routines that make them more flexible and give them more control over their bodies.


  • High Self-Esteem: Research suggests that activities like gymnastics enhance self-esteem. There are many challenges to overcome and goals to reach. Each victory instills more pride and motivation than the last.


  • Brain Power: Our sport also improves mental focus. Athletes learn to concentrate, solve problems, and think creatively. They even learn discipline and practice their social skills when working in groups.


These and many other benefits result from gymnastics. Follow Xtreme Gymnastics on Facebook to learn more about what we offer.