Get Fit With Move-N-Learn at Xtreme Gymnastics

We all do our best when our minds and bodies are fit. At Xtreme Gymnastics, our curriculum is about getting kids moving and learning in tandem. Physical and mental fitness are our priorities, which form the basis for our gymnastics program, including team gymnastics and gymnastics camps. We incorporate academic subjects like math, reading, and writing with the sport’s fundamentals, including balance, poise, and strength.

We’re a leader in Arizona gymnastics in part because our philosophy is that learning is fun at every age and every stage. Our preschool gymnastics program, Move-N-Learn, offers tots ages 2.5 to 5 a chance to get a jump (literally) on school basics and burn off some of their natural energies in our gym. We focus on:

Reading and Writing Skills: At this age, we emphasize alphabet and rhyming sounds and picture reading with simple sight words. Kids learn to write lines (vertical, horizontal, and wavy), as well as form letters and foundational words.

Math: It’s never too soon to learn to count and identify basic geometric shapes. At our Scottsdale gymnastics center, we work with preschoolers on these early arithmetic skills.

Art and Science: Active minds drive creativity and innovation. In our Xtreme Gymnastics program, we channel these energies through activities that invoke young imaginations and abundant curiosity.

Locomotor Skills: This is the age at which children refine their senses and coordination. Our lesson plans are geared around gross motor skills, laterality, as well as visual and auditory development.

Group Fitness: Getting a head start on learning how to work well with others and feel good about one’s self is always a sound idea. Our physical fitness component builds confidence while promoting teamwork and cooperation.

Children of all ages benefit from physical activity combined with essential learning, and our classes like Move-N-Learn fulfill that need. Visit our Xtreme Gymnastics website to learn more about our programs and rates, and find the class that’s right for your child. Don’t forget to follow us on for updates.