Great Reasons to Introduce Toddlers to Gymnastics

When Xtreme Gymnastics coaches say that no one is too young to enjoy gymnastics, they mean it. As a matter of fact, gymnastics greatly enriches toddlerhood as a stage of development. Think about it – these children are energetic and impressionable. What better time to introduce them to the following:

  • Enhanced Cognitive Skills: The mind is challenged when it must memorize routines and maintain awareness of where the body is (and will be) in space. Even the act of staying focused on specific tasks long enough to complete them is great exercise for the developing brain. 
  • Strong Bones and Muscles: The Xtreme Gymnastics curriculum requires students to balance their weight in many ways. Bearing this weight reduces the risk of broken bones and disease in the years down the road. Of course, these exercises condition muscles as well. 
  • Better Self-Esteem: Gymnastics is largely about practice, hard work, and self-control. When young athletes learn that these life skills pay off, they feel good about themselves. What’s more, performing routines for families minimizes the incidence of stage fright – which is a definite confidence booster.
  •  Increased Coordination: The walking, balancing, jumping, and tumbling toddlers do in gymnastics are fun challenges in coordination. Children become more agile and flexible over time, thus decreasing the chance of injury. They also encourage proper posture, which deters spinal and back troubles too.

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