Gymnastics Programs Improve Academic Performance

There’s a lot more to Xtreme Gymnastics than just fitness. Our programs can also be keys to improving academic performance in children as well. A growing body of research shows that physical activity (like what the Arizona gymnastics community represents) has positive effects on brain development, which in turn correlates to better grades and social skills.

In this essay by Professor Charles Basch of Columbia University, the ways in which exercise improves brain function are summarized. Increased oxygenated blood flow, more neurotransmitters, and more neurotrophins (these make neurons more resilient) are all listed as benefits of leading an active lifestyle.

More specifically, research conducted by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention has linked exercise to cognitive skills such as concentration and attention, along with attitudes and pro-social behaviors. Also, a University of Illinois study found that physically fit children were overall more likely to have higher grades and perform better in school.

We could share even more compelling evidence, such as rave reviews from parents concerning Xtreme Gymnastics camps, but we’re sure the point is clear: children who exercise have an advantage when it comes to academics. Most importantly, students at Xtreme Gymnastics are immersed in a teaching curriculum while learning gymnastics! For example, during our preschool gymnastics classes, we cover all the basics: reading, writing, art, science, and math. This, combined with our team gymnastics and the fitness benefits they provide, make us the premier choice for parents who want their children to excel in life.

Our classes make fitness habits fun and encourage lifelong learning. Find out more about our classes, rates, and the Scottsdale gymnastics community by visiting