How Xtreme Gymnastics Uses Stepwise Learning for Success

As most parents realize, there are countless milestones associated with early childhood – and they extend far beyond uttering those first few words or taking those initial independent steps. A child’s first years are critical in terms of both social and physical development.

We at Xtreme Gymnastics specialize in well-rounded Move-N-Learn programs that ensure a student’s overall developmental success.

To start, we’re sure to teach the most fundamental skills, thereby preparing our young students for more complicated activities. For instance, we engage in dozens of gross motor skills, such as balancing and standing on tiptoes. The social skills they acquire are plentiful as well, with the children learning to share and follow instruction in no time.

In our preschool program, these activities are particularly important because, prior to the age of three, students mostly engage in solitary play. We encourage learning in this context while facilitating group-mindedness through the ages of four and five. Sharing becomes a basic theme as our highly-trained team members intuit the unique nuances and needs of each student.

Our staff at Xtreme Gymnastics pays close attention to the behaviors and development of all our gymnasts, allowing them to connect with the students and work with them at the most appropriate levels. This means that we give them just the right amount of encouragement and independence.

The physical and social milestones of early childhood development should be cherished. Not only do our students benefit from our programs, but they have fun as well. In fact, they don’t even realize how much they’re learning!