How Xtreme Gymnastics Uses Movement for Scholastic Success

Did you know that your child’s participation in early physical activities may have a significant impact on his or her test scores and overall scholastic achievement? It’s a principle that has been demonstrated in numerous scientific studies.

That’s why at Xtreme Gymnastics, we believe preschool is the most important grade. A program that stresses movement like our Move-N-Learn curriculum is critical in setting the stage for all future academic success.

In fact, children who attend preschool are less likely than their counterparts to repeat grades or to be placed in special education classes. Furthermore, preschool attendance is also associated with increased rates for high school graduation and decreased rates for crime and delinquency.

Enroll your child in our Move-N-Learn program and you’ll soon discover that we ensure it’s a worthwhile investment – economically, socially, and academically. The curriculum combines academics and movement to ensure scholastic success. We cover math, reading and writing skills, art, and science in addition to locomotor skills and group fitness. It all takes place in our inspiring classrooms at Xtreme Gymnastics, which include bars, beams, trampolines, climbing ropes, rings, and a foam pit. Here are some of the highlights of our approach:

  • Our reading work covers picture books, rhyming, simple sight words, and alphabet sounds. Writing also covers alphabet sounds, along with foundational words and horizontal, vertical, and wavy lines.
  • Our math curriculum addresses basic shapes, patterns, counting, and foundational arithmetic. The young students particularly enjoy their gymnastic activities.
  • Group work promotes collaboration and self-confidence, and locomotor construction emphasizes laterality, auditory and visual development, and gross motor skills.


There is no shortage of fun and learning! We encourage you to take advantage of the preschool programs available, all of which include the research-supported Head Start program. Young students enjoy lifelong benefits as a result!