Why Xtreme Gymnastics Stresses Balance for Preschoolers

When it comes to good health and quality of life in general, balance is a must. To ensure that young children can efficiently maintain their equilibrium, they need plenty of practice controlling posture and regulating their center of mass.

Fortunately, there’s a variety of challenging exercises available to them. At Xtreme Gymnastics, our Move-N-Learn curriculum encourages the most enjoyable and effective catching, throwing, jumping and gymnastic activities to help preschool students in their development of balance.

These basic yet exciting activities help students perceive where their bodies are in space, and to gauge the movement of different parts of their body in relation to one another – and in relation to other people and objects as well. The somatosensory, visual, and vestibular systems work together to accomplish all this. We show extra care for children who have challenges in any of these areas to ensure they gain better balance.

There are several approaches we take to help our young gymnasts manage balance:

  • Body Parts Awareness: This addresses basic weight distribution. Students place their hands on the floor and practice lifting one arm, and then one arm and one leg while balancing on their other limbs.


  • Wobble Boards: Wobble boards challenge students to adjust their centers of gravity while balancing on a teetering board.


  • Low Balance Beams: When students balance on beams, they are required to assess the dimension of height. They work on keeping their bodies stable while moving from one end of a beam to the other.


  • Small Stilts: Sturdy domes and stompers increase the challenge and excitement as students manipulate them, along with their bodies, in space.


  • High Beams: This is the most advanced activity for preschool students. They are supervised closely as they balance on high beams within 30 inches of thick mats.

The exercises get progressively more challenging as the students master them, subsequently boosting their enjoyment of physical activity. Combining laughter and fun, our Xtreme Gymnastics team will make the mastery of balance pure joy!