It’s Time for a Parents’ Night Out – You Deserve It!

There’s no question that gymnastics benefits children in many ways. There’s also no question that parenthood and busy schedules go hand in hand. Did you know you can take a break from your hectic lifestyle while your children have some fun with us? Leave them with Xtreme Gymnastics for a fun-filled Saturday evening of games... Read More

The Connection Between Gymnastics and Academic Success

Physical activities like gymnastics don’t get in the way of learning. They encourage it! In fact, Xtreme Gymnastics has a curriculum that combines fun, exercise, and learning. It is designed for toddlers and preschoolers. These are the subjects we cover: Reading: We cover alphabet sounds, picture reading, simply sight words, and rhyming. Writing: Xtreme Gymnastics... Read More

How to Reach Your Gymnastics Goals

Throughout the Xtreme Gymnastics facility, we’re helping our young athletes achieve their goals and have fun at the same time. These are the gymnastics goal-setting steps we cover in many of our sessions: Cultivate a Vision: A vision is a dream transformed into reality. Xtreme Gymnastics students imagine what they want to accomplish with their... Read More

NinjaZone: A Fun Youth Fitness Activity

Xtreme Gymnastics maintains a strong presence at the cutting edge of childhood development and fitness for kids, and NinjaZone is the next thing in the recreational gymnastics movement. Through this new program, young ninjas channel their energy through a fusion of obstacle training, martial arts, gymnastics, and freestyle activity. NinjaZone challenges and transforms the way children use... Read More

Gymnastics and Summer Camp in One Fun Package

It’s that time of year again! As summer approaches, Xtreme Gymnastics is unrolling a season full of programs focusing on fitness for kids. Not only will young athletes have plenty of fun, they will enjoy an array of social, emotional, and physical benefits. From teamwork to resilience to decision-making skills, the options for childhood development... Read More

See All the Benefits Gymnastics Can Give Your Child

For over two decades, Xtreme Gymnastics has had one goal: inspiring children to learn and grow with team gymnastics, preschool gymnastics, gymnastics camps, and other gymnastics programs. We’re proud to say that we have been a success in this endeavor, helping hundreds of young people live happier and healthier lives while building the Arizona gymnastics... Read More

Gymnastics Programs Improve Academic Performance

There’s a lot more to Xtreme Gymnastics than just fitness. Our programs can also be keys to improving academic performance in children as well. A growing body of research shows that physical activity (like what the Arizona gymnastics community represents) has positive effects on brain development, which in turn correlates to better grades and social... Read More