Get Fit With Move-N-Learn at Xtreme Gymnastics

We all do our best when our minds and bodies are fit. At Xtreme Gymnastics, our curriculum is about getting kids moving and learning in tandem. Physical and mental fitness are our priorities, which form the basis for our gymnastics program, including team gymnastics and gymnastics camps. We incorporate academic subjects like math, reading, and writing with the sport’s fundamentals, including balance, poise, and strength.

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Gymnastics Programs Improve Academic Performance

There’s a lot more to Xtreme Gymnastics than just fitness. Our programs can also be keys to improving academic performance in children as well. A growing body of research shows that physical activity (like what the Arizona gymnastics community represents) has positive effects on brain development, which in turn correlates to better grades and social skills.

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Excellence in Arizona Gymnastics at a Young Age

Need a night off? Xtreme Gymnastics provides a variety of programs for different interests and age groups. Team gymnastics and gymnastics camps are popular programs, but today we’d like to discuss in detail our preschool program, which we call Move-N-Learn.


There’s a large (and continually growing) body of evidence supporting connections between early childhood motor skill development and academic success.

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See All the Benefits Gymnastics Can Give Your Child

For over two decades, Xtreme Gymnastics has had one goal: inspiring children to learn and grow with team gymnastics, preschool gymnastics, gymnastics camps, and other gymnastics programs. We’re proud to say that we have been a success in this endeavor, helping hundreds of young people live happier and healthier lives while building the Arizona gymnastics community.

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