Xtreme Gymnastics Teaches Responsibility

All parents want their children to become responsible individuals, and at Xtreme Gymnastics, we believe it’s best to begin teaching responsibility as early as possible. In fact, there’s no reason you can’t get started during toddlerhood.

Obviously, your two-year-old is not yet capable of thorough cleaning or maintaining a list of chores, but he or she likely has a strong urge to mimic you.

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Xtreme Gymnastics’ Tips for Calming Overactive Children

At Xtreme Gymnastics, we understand that overactive children challenge parents who cannot match their energy levels. Therefore, we’d like to offer a few tried-and-true tips to help you settle a child who could outlast the Energizer Bunny:

Allow Fidgeting: A child who is fidgeting could be restless or bored. He or she might also have a strong need for movement.

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Xtreme Gymnastics on Cartwheels for Beginners

In the world of gymnastics, cartwheels often come soon after learning somersaults and tumbling movements. Children can effectively master the skill of cartwheeling by employing an uncomplicated approach to learning it. Here’s what our Xtreme Gymnastics coaches recommend to get started.

A cartwheel’s name reflects the movement’s appearance. When teaching this move in our Xtreme Gymnastics classes, our coaches explain that the technique commences as the child lunges forward, placing one hand on the floor, while his or her feet rise from the ground, legs splayed.

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Xtreme Gymnastics on Games for Toddlers

Your toddler is growing rapidly, and at Xtreme Gymnastics, we recognize there are countless special moments you two will share while exploring the world. As you enjoy this magical time, we’d like to recommend a playtime activity that will help your toddler develop physically and mentally.

This activity is called “Up, Up, Up” and here’s how it works.

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