NinjaZone: A Fun Youth Fitness Activity

Xtreme Gymnastics maintains a strong presence at the cutting edge of childhood development and fitness for kids, and NinjaZone is the next thing in the recreational gymnastics movement. Through this new program, young ninjas channel their energy through a fusion of obstacle training, martial arts, gymnastics, and freestyle activity.

NinjaZone challenges and transforms the way children use their bodies. It focuses their minds by using movements their bodies inherently crave. In the Xtreme gym, they spin, roll, flip, kick, and fly through obstacles. It’s almost as if they are starring in real-life video games! These ninja skills transcend the gym as well. This progressive system also teaches focus, grit, and confidence – leaving kids ready for the next big steps at Xtreme Gymnastics and in life.

When it comes to gymnastics in Scottsdale, there are two NinjaZone levels

  • Lil’ Ninjas: This is the entry level. It is geared towards boys aged three to six years old.
  • Ninjas: At this level, boys aged six to 12 years old test their strength and agility through various training techniques.


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