See All the Benefits Gymnastics Can Give Your Child

For over two decades, Xtreme Gymnastics has had one goal: inspiring children to learn and grow with team gymnastics, preschool gymnastics, gymnastics camps, and other gymnastics programs. We’re proud to say that we have been a success in this endeavor, helping hundreds of young people live happier and healthier lives while building the Arizona gymnastics community. Since 1996, we’ve watched as our students have developed strong bodies, agile minds, and the self-confidence that is necessary to excel in all areas of life.


We’re not done yet though – in fact, we’re just getting started! New research continues to prove the importance of exercise and shows how gymnastics in particular can play a role in setting a child up to thrive. For example, consider the social benefits of being an Xtreme Gymnastics student. Not only do our little athletes develop friendships and discover how to play well with others, they also learn how to listen, follow directions, and take turns.


The level of self-control required of gymnasts pays benefits in other areas as well. While some of the intro skills are easy to master, the more advanced exercises take time, effort, and repetition. The fact that Xtreme Gymnastics is so much fun is what makes it a great tool to teach the benefits of practice, patience, and hard work.


All of this is in addition to the strength, coordination, balance, and general health benefits of a regular exercise routine. Gymnasts are well-regarded for their strength-to-weight ratio and develop a level of self-control that few other types of athletes achieve.


We have programs for children as young as two. Find out more about classes and rates on our website and then come see why the Scottsdale gymnastics scene is growing so fast!