May 12, 2023 in Uncategorized

The Connection Between Gymnastics and Academic Success

Physical activities like gymnastics don’t get in the way of learning. They encourage it! In fact, Xtreme Gymnastics has a curriculum that combines fun, exercise, and learning. It is designed for toddlers and preschoolers. These are the subjects we cover:

  • Reading: We cover alphabet sounds, picture reading, simply sight words, and rhyming.
  • Writing: Xtreme Gymnastics students move from vertical, horizontal, and wavy lines to alphabet letters and eventually foundational words.
  • Art and Science: These activities foster curiosity and creative expression.
  • Math: We explore basic geometric shapes, patterns, counting, and foundational arithmetic.
  • Group Fitness: Our exercises promote teamwork and self-confidence.
  • Locomotor Skills: This instruction emphasizes auditory and visual development. It also supports laterality, and gross motor skills.

When children learn these things from young ages, they are more likely to excel later in life. It’s because their brains can change based on the data they absorb. For instance, the part of the brain that controls balance also controls emotions. The more a young athlete balances, the better he or she can manage feelings as well.

The improvement of visual perception is also a good example. In our classes, children jump to grab bars and keep their eyes on a fixed spot when jumping on trampolines. These exercises promote focus, which comes in handy when taking instruction in the classroom.