Energy into Ambition

Energetic kids MOVE through a fusion of obstacle training, martial arts, gymnastics and freestyle movement. Ninjas will channel their energy and LEARN to safely spin, roll, flip and kick. Through our progressive skill system, your child will develop focus and confidence preparing them to EXCEL at the next challenge- in Ninja class, or in life!

*First class is RISK FREE. Love your class or it’s free. $10 refundable reservation.

Lil Ninjas

Ages 3-5 years
50 minutes | $133/month
Choose a class


Ages 6-12 years
50 minutes | $133/month
Choose a class


Ages 5-8 years
Evaluation Required
90 minutes | $186/month
Choose a class

**Annual membership fee required to enroll | $47/individual or $92/family

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